8 Responses to Upstate Brown and Salmon Time

  1. Don T says:

    Looks like you had a successful day. Used to fish that stream up to that beautiful waterfall when I legend in Syracuse.

    That net barely cut it! Like bringing a knife to a gunfight 😂

    Thanks for bringing back memories my friend.

    • You’re welcome, and thanks Don! I know what you mean about the net being on the smallish side for such a place, but it actually was a necessary item, very handy in subduing the struggle at the edges so that the fish weren’t greatly injured. I’m not surprised that you’ve enjoyed the waters here, but am glad that you did.

  2. alex55manta says:

    Jaws – ‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat’…. yep, you’re going to need a bigger net!
    Nice looking day, ditto on the salmon. Sorry that you mistaken that football for a trout! Ha! What a glutton he/she must have been.
    Really neat looking waterfall/s – cascading sort on the right and slightly more direct line on the left. That’s a great picture! Glad you had a good outting. UB

    • I hope that brown trout/football didn’t get kicked around too much after its release! I’m not a fan of bigger nets, feeling that they’re cumbersome, although I’m not averse to getting help occasionally from someone who’s not bothered by their carry. Anyway, thanks for the kind response.

  3. plaidcamper says:

    Your words and images are therapy around here, and always appreciated. I’m happy that there is a sense we’ll be able to breathe a bit easier come January, assuming norms are adhered to.
    Thanks, Walt!

  4. Bob Stanton says:

    For anyone reading who is unfamiliar with Walt’s published work, I can attest that Beautiful Like A Mayfly, as well as the rest of his catalogue are well worth the read. Always insightful, he frames the natural world in ways that you may not have looked at it before. Unsolicited plug by me.

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