Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Fest

These words are not a promo or objective report for the 14th annual Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Fest (April 12/13), billed as the largest outdoor event of its kind. It’s simply a reflection of my wanderings through the first day of this two-day affair.DSCN4045

Generally speaking, I am not one to travel any distance to a fly-fishing show, but this extravaganza in Waynesboro happened to be in the neighborhood of my wanderings so I checked it out. Although one might consider the $20 entry fee and various prices a little steep, the whole experience of visiting the southern festival is a pleasant affair with potential for some real education.

DSCN4039The Waynesboro setting suffers a bit from Dupont-Investa factory pollution, but the otherwise lovely mountains of Virginia make it a grand walk through a park-like atmosphere. And through it all flows the South River, a tributary of the South Fork Shenandoah.

I didn’t yet mention the wine-tasting (free with entry) and micro-breweries, but suffice it to say that sampling the products of half-a-dozen local wineries helps to put a smile on your face and to interact with the hundreds of vendors and fly-fishing personalities under the big tent and among the smaller set-ups near the river bank.

Among the festival speakers, whose names I already recognized, were Beau Beasley, EdDSCN4043 Jaworowski, Lefty Kreh, Tom Sadler, Tracy Stroup, Fishy Fullum, and Matt Supinski. There were numerous others representing the fly-fishing trade in its various aspects. Subjects covered were Fly-Fishing for Beginners, Fishing Tennessee’s South Holston River, Beginner Fly-Tying, Professional Casting, Women’s Group Casting, Tenkara, Kayak, Spey, and a whole lot more…

It was fun wandering around with my wife and son, getting a wine buzz with a soothing April sun on my back, conversing with tyers, suppliers, and guides, not buying much of anything, and just relaxing.


family matters w/wine

family matters w/wine

talkin' with Lefty

talkin’ with Lefty


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Welcome to Rivertop Rambles. This is my blog about the headwaters country-far afield or close to home. I've been a fly-fisher, birder, and naturalist for most of my adult life. I've also written poetry and natural history books for thirty years. In Rambles I will mostly reflect on the backcountry of my Allegheny foothills in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York State. Sometimes I'll write about the wilderness in distant states, or of the wild places in the human soul. Other times I'll just reflect on the domestic life outdoors. In any case, I hope you enjoy. Let's ramble!
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8 Responses to Virginia Fly-Fishing and Wine Fest

  1. Denise says:

    All festivals are better with a little bit of wine! Looks like fun.

  2. I’ll drink to that, Denise! Thank you for commenting.

  3. LQN says:

    Fly fishing and wine, I like that combo. Looks like a fun time Walt.

  4. Thanks Long. Fly-fishing and micro-breweries also works well, especially in an area like the Blue Ridge.

  5. Kenov says:

    I love the advertising poster. I assume that it is by Michael Simon. I have one almost just like it, laying on the desk next to me, waiting to be framed.

  6. It probably is by Simon, I wish I had caught the name when someone sitting next to the poster started telling me about the design but we got interrupted and I lost the thread. Thanks, and I’ll see if I can learn more.

  7. Kenov says:

    I like that his brookies are so vivid. Such amazing fish. Anyway, I have to make it to the Waynesboro area one of these days.

  8. Yeah the colors of the poster struck me right away, almost the way that colors of a live fish strike me when it comes to hand. Thanks–

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